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Why were the minor croatian Writers passed over in Silence in the croatian literary Historiography?

Anica Bilić orcid id ; Centar za znanstveni rad HAZU u Vinkovcima

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The position of minor writers in the Croatian literary historiography is being considered through postmodern prism and literary historical optics. Answers to the question set in the title are not comprehensive, but derive from author’s reflection and wondering as to why the minor writers remained neglected, forgotten and passed over in silence in the literary historiography and critical practice, and from the fact that the modern literary profession has become increasingly interested in
themT. he author primarily finds assistance and scientific fulcrum for highlighting the issue of minor writers’ position in the literary historiography — in scientific works by Dubravka Oraić Tolić and Burghart Schmidt, also relying on concrete and individual examples by writers from Slavonia and capital literary historical works created in the 20th and at the beginning of 21st century.

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minor writers; Croatian literary history; literature science; post­ modernism

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