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Pomet’s Feuilleton in Spremnost

Ivica Matičević ; Odsjek za povijest hrvatske književnosti Zavoda za povijest hrvatske književnosti, kazališta i glazbe HAZU

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str. 456-468

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The weekly Spremnost (1942-1945) was one of the most important and most printed periodical publications during the Independent State of Croatia (NDH). Besides the political, military and economic sections of the newspaper, an important section was devoted to culture and art (prose, poetry, essays, literary criticism) where articles were written by the most significant and best Croatian critics and writers of those times (Ljubomir Maraković, Ton Smerdel, Radoslav Glavaš, Albert Haler, Antun Barac, Mihovil Kombol...). The major personality, the mastermind of Spremnost was its editor Tias Mortigjija, who gave his collaborators freedom of speech and evaded the interference of the Ustasha authorities by his decisive and liberal moves as much as possible in those times. Hence, besides the harsh critical and satirical razor, there was a humoristic article, a feuilleton Umjetnički sviet, signed by a phantom author, Pomet. The unknown identity, omnipresent and well informed, with tireless ironic and parodial translocation from reality, Pomet, regularly, from issue to issue, in 106 sequels, from December 1942 until December 1944, wrote a chronicle of the integral cultural and artistic life in Zagreb and Croatia. Pomet’s feuilletons are miniature studies of the character of our wellknown directors, actors, musicians, painters and writers during the four World War years and were a stimulative source of structures for the history of Croatian theatre, literature, film and music. Besides this, Pomet’s feuilleton testifies on the space of freedom of thoughts and criticism which was created and shared in Spremnost with other periodicals during the Independent State of Croatia (Plug, Plava revija, Hrvatska revija, Vienac et al.).

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