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Tandem, Vujčić’s Drama for Non-Performing

Sibila Petlevski ; Akademija dramskih umjetnosti, Zagreb

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str. 518-526

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The paper deals with the dramaturgy of the »black comedy« genre and the crisis of the »dissident letter« concept on the example of Vujčić’s drama Tandem, written as a »replica to Audijencija«, one of the most translated and most performed dramas by Havel. It attempts to draw attention to the reasons which postponed the scenic putting on stage of dramas such as Tandem, which, from the dramaturgic point of view is successfully assembled, a thematically current text, which has thus remained without any reception, in a theatrical vacuum which declares that »politics isn’t interesting«, and political drama which deals with politics which apparently interests no­one. While, at the beginning of the nineties, Vujčić’s Tandem induced reading a drama with current political allusiveness, whose protagonists are authority intellectuals, today the most interesting theme is the problem of the ethicality of the literary, in a broader sense the media, the exploitation of reallife stories of the so­called ordinary people. Vujčić’s Tandem, read even today, thematises literatures in a crisis, literary and theatrical testimonies of consumed imagination where nothing remains but to rely on journalist activities and realise its post­dissident, post­catastrophic discourse by using the »charm of small tragedies« and »comical episodes«.

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