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Thematic Novelty in Daniel’s Poem after the Ban of Alchemy from 1317 by Pope John XXII

Snježana Paušek-Baždar ; HAZU, Zagreb

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str. 537-543

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After the second ban of alchemy from 1317 (the first one was Diocletian’s from 296), Jesus Christ was introduced into alchemical works. This work shows why there was such an introduction of the highest Christian symbol into the spiritual component of alchemy. In regard to this, it shows why, later on during the Renaissance, there was a decline of the material spiritual component and the prevailment of the spiritual one. According to Daniel, the invoking of Jesus Christ is »ensured« only in the case when the performer of the »Great Art« (Ars Magna) reaches »humility, a clean soul and perfect thought«. The author stated this in his seventeenth verse of his Poem of the sorcerer’s stone, which was written in the 14th and printed in the 15th century. This verse, with fourteen lines, is the only one written in Latin, whereas the whole Poem was written in the Italian language.

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