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Scientific-Research Cluster as a form of Knowledge Transfer

Renata Nováková ; Fakultet za komunikacije u masovnim medijima, Sveučilište Ćirila i Metoda u Trnavi, Trnava, Slovačka

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The issue of knowledge transfer within organizations acting in the economic sphere is high on the agenda at this time. The reason is that on the one hand, considerable public funds are spent for different forms of research, but on the other hand, the effectiveness of these resources within the industry is comparatively low. Developing an efficient technology transfer is along-term activity. The concept of technology transfer is a narrowed concept. The wider concept is the transfer of intellectual property. The suggested model would contain substantive, structural, and relationship functional definition of a scientific-research cluster as a new form of knowledge transfer in the industrial sphere. The stated issue is solved within the project of the 7th EU Framework Programme, where the author of the paper participates as a co-project manager. The proposed scientific-research cluster is to serve as a model for countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

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knowledge transfer; economic sphere; technology transfer

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