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Case Oriented Approach to Co-Occurrence of Risk Lifestyle Behavior with Overweight, Excess Abdominal Fat and High Blood Pressure: The CroHort Study

Ognjen Brbotović
Tea Vukušić Rukavina
Hana Fazlić
Silvije Vuletić
Josipa Kern
Gordana Pavleković

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Objective of this paper is to estimate interim risk factors (INTF) proportions and changes within 5-years of groups with at least one risk health behavior (BEHF) in CroHort population. Results show that CroHort 2008 group has higher proportions of excess abdominal fat and overweight. Men older than 65 without any BEHF have smaller proportions of INTF in 2008 than in 2003. Proportion of people with high blood pressure is smaller in 2008 for all groups except for young women who show increase. Analysis of middle age group shows significant increase in all INTF in women smokers while men smokers have the highest increase in abdominal fat. Physical inactivity in women is associated with increase of all INTF, while men have decrease in overweight INTF. Alcohol intake has protective effect on middle aged men, except for increase in waist circumference. Women show constant increase in all INTF with heavy
alcohol intake.

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CroHort study, health behavior, lifestyle, co-occurrence, cardiovascular disease, risk factors, overweight, high blood pressure, excess abdominal fat

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