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Five-year Cumulative Incidence of Obesity in Adults in Croatia: the CroHort Study

Sanja Musić Milanović
Ana Ivičević Uhernik
Kristina Fišter
Sandra Mihel
Ana Kovač
Davor Ivanković

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The objective of this paper was to evaluate the 5-year incidence of obesity on a sample of 3229 adults and investigate the potential effect of several sociodemographic and lifestyle habits on weight change and obesity incidence in these individuals. The average annual rate of increase in the prevalence of obese adults between 2003 and 2008 was 10.60% for men and 11.08% for women. Analysis showed that development of obesity in 5-year period in women in Croatia is significantly positively associated with frequent consumption of »hidden« fats of animal origin and significantly negative with each higher education level. No significant predictor of obesity has been found in men. Obesity remains a serious health
problem for the Croatian population; the alarming rates of excess body weight continue to increase. Preventive measures
should urgently be undertaken.

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obesity epidemic, 5-year incidence of obesity, annual obesity increase, sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics, CroHort Study

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