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Five-Years Cumulative Incidence of Alcohol Consumption in Croatian Adult Population: the CroHort Study

Ksenija Vitale
Ognjen Brborović
Slavica Sović
Henrietta Striehl Benčević
Marta Čivljak

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Alcohol consumption is traditionally part of most human cultures, and with the onset of industrial revolution it was recognized as a health and social problem. The aim of this article is to investigate cumulative incidence of alcohol consumption in Croatia. Data were obtained from the Croatian Adult health Survey in 2003 followed by 2008. The cohort consisted of 3229 participants. Questions regarding alcohol consumption were calculated into two factors describing existence or non-existence of risk behavior. Results revealed higher incidence of risk alcohol consumption in man than in women and highest in the 35–65, age group. Due to the some study limitations results might be underestimated. Present problem of alcohol is alarming, even more so, in women’s population it might be only the tip of the iceberg. Cultural and regional differences should be taken into account when educational programs are constructed, especially due to the different type of alcohol consumed.

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alcohol consumption, incidence, Croatia

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