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The Association of Uric Acid with Glucose and Lipids in General Population: Croatian Cross-Sectional Study

Sanja Kačkov
Ana-Maria Šimundić
Nora Nikolac
Marinko Bilušić

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Hyperuricemia may have an important role in metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Elevated serum
uric acid concentration has been shown to be the strong predictor of cardiovascular mortality in several recently
published studies. Our aim was to determine the prevalence of hyperuricemia in general Croatian population and to investigate
the association of serum uric acid with glucose and lipids. This was a retrospective cross-sectional study on
6,476 consecutive adults. Prevalence of hyperuricemia was 13.9% in general population and it was significantly higher
in males, than in females (26% vs. 6%; p<0.001). Median uric acid concentration was higher in males than in females
(343 vs. 238 mmol/L; p<0.001). Age, glucose and lipid parameters did not correlate with uric acid. In hyperuricemic subjects,
increased concentrations of glucose (33.1% vs. 13.1%; p<0.001), triglycerides (46.9% vs. 17.6%; p<0.001), total cholesterol
(69.6% vs. 51.9%; p<0.001), LDL-cholesterol (64.5% vs. 46.4%; p<0.001) and decreased concentration of HDL-
-cholesterol (24.3% vs. 13.0%; p<0.001) were more prevalent than in subjects with normal serum concentrations of uric
acid. Hyperuricemia is highly prevalent in Croatian general population and it aggregates with hyperglycemia and dyslipidemia.

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uric acid, metabolic syndrome, lipids, hyperuricemia

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