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Reconstruction of a Soft Tissue Defect of the Back after Myelomeningocele Closure with Modified V-Y Plasty

Zoran Veir
Mladen Duduković
Pavle Miklić
Davor Mijatović
Bruno Cvjetičanin
Merica Veir
Anto Dujmović

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Myelomeningocele is a congenital defect in vertebral arches with cystic dilatation of meninges and structural or functional
abnormality of spinal cord or cauda equina. It is a form of spinal dysraphisam with overlying skin defect (spina
bifida aperta). That condition is related to other clinical complications such as infection that can produce furthermore
complications. To prevent rate of complications surgical treatment in first 24 h is strongly suggested. In this case report
we describe a patient (infant) with congenital myelomeningocele who’s defect was treated surgically by the neurosurgeon.
In operative procedure plastic surgeon was involved to cover the skin defect remaining after neurosurgical closure of spinal
canal. Bilateral advancement local skin flaps were used in soft tissue defect closure. Review of the literature that refers
to advancement local skin flaps was carried out.

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congenital myelomeningocele, plastic surgery

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