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Lifestyle Habits of People with Self-Reported Diabetes: Changes during a Five-Year Period

Mario Šekerija
Tamara Poljičanin
Željko Metelko

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str. 171-176

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The aims of our study were to investigate the prevalence of risk factors in persons with previously known diabetes (»old DM«), persons with diabetes developed during the 2003–2008 period (»new DM«) and diabetes-free individuals within the CroHort study. Risk factors were defined as physical inactivity, unhealthy nutritional regimen, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, while diabetes status was self-reported. The most prevalent risk factor in both »old DM« and »new DM« group was physical inactivity (46.7% and 33.7% in 2003; 46.8% and 46.3% in 2008), then smoking (12.1% and 14.6%; 12.7% and 14.4%), unhealthy diet (8.8% and 13.8; 8.2% and 10.0%) and heavy alcohol consumption (11.1% and 6.0%; 7.8% and 13.8%). Diabetes-free individuals had higher rates of smoking and unhealthy diet, and lower rates of alcohol consumption and physical inactivity than both diabetes groups. These results indicate the need for comprehensive actions oriented towards persons with diabetes concerning physical activity

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diabetes mellitus, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, nutrition, CroHort study

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