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Regional Variations and Trends in Mortality from Cardiovascular Diseases in Population aged 0–64 in Dalmatia and Slavonia, 1998–2009

Ankica Džono-Boban
Selma Šogorić
Silvije Vuletić

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The aim of this paper was to analyse the regional variations and trends in mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the population aged 0–64 years in Dalmatia and Slavonia, over the period 1998 to 2009. Mortality data were derived from Central Bureau of Statistics. The results show that age-standardized mortality rates from total cardiovascular diseases, ischaemic heart diseases and cerebrovascular diseases were lower in Dalmatia than rates for Slavonia, for both genders. All mortality rates, except rates for ischaemic heart diseases mortality for men in both regions, showed the trend of decline. Dalmatia has a more protective factors in pattern of Mediterranean diet. The improvement of cardiovascular
health and reduction of premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases requires a system and comprehensive intervention
approach at all levels of health care and multisectorial coordination.

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mortality; cardiovascular disease; ishaemic heart disease; cerebrovascular disease; regions; Croatia

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