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Distribution of Changes in Systolic Blood Pressure and Waist Circumference – Indicators for Primary Prevention

Ksenija Vitale
Slavica Sović
Silvije Vuletić

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str. 241-244

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Eliminating or diminishing risk behaviors that lead to cardiovascular diseases could be achieved through primary prevention during the general practice visits. However, there is difference in effectiveness of preventive measure while there are no symptoms, and reactive response when burden of diseases start to show. We analyzed trends in gender and age- -pattern changes of systolic blood pressure and waist circumference, as a reflection of primary prevention. Results
show increase of values for both indicators in both genders, through youngest and middle age groups. In the oldest group stagnation and even decrease of values is evident. These results signal possible absence of primary prevention in younger age groups and some action when symptoms occur. It is hard to distinguish weather lower values is consequence of medication or lifestyle change. The absence of primary prevention is usually missed opportunity that is charged later both to the patient and health care system.

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waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, primary prevention

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