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Radio: The Media of Not Capitalized Trust

Marina Mučalo orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet političkih znanosti

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str. 78-89

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New data on trends in radiophonics are rare and often radio as a medium is ignored entirely within academic studies. When it does appear in research, however, the achieved results depict an entirely
diff erent story: radio not only remains popular, but it also enjoys a high level of public trust. These conclusions primarily derive from a September 2009 study compiled on trust in the media. This study concludes that, in terms of trust, radio is positioned in front of the television and print media, and next to the internet. This article presents two themes. The first comments on the nature of the radio audience; the second deals with the issue of trust in radio content. The conclusion attempts to settle the question of if radio will again become active as a media source with a high degree of social responsibility, or rather remain a medium that fails to utilize its high level of the public trust?

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