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Living Standards and Quality of Life in Podravina Villages of the Early Modern Period: a Case Study of the Village Torčec, nearby Koprivnica

Mario Novak ; Odsjek za arheologiju Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb
Siniša Krznar orcid id ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb

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The paper includes the preliminary results from 2009 archeological excavations at the site Torčec-Cirkvišče, that stratigraphy, archeological finds and historic data place in the Early Modern Period. Anthropology analysis, made on human bone sample from the site, suggest that quality of life of Torčec population during the Early Modern Period was very low; their everyday existence was endangered with chronic hunger and epidemics of contagious diseases. This is corroborated by high mortality of children, high incidence of sub adult stress and nonspecific and specific infectious diseases (like treponematosis), or metabolic diseases like scurvy. Dental analysis of the same bone material suggests that Torčec population mostly fed on grains, which is consistent to the historic records. The research conducted in Torčec corroborates and advocates the need for a multidisciplinary analysis that would try and reconstruct the life of the period, based on the archeological finds.

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Torčec-Cirkvišče, graveyard, Early Modern Period, anthropology analysis, life quality

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