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Kristina Svržnjak
D. Kamenjak
Sandra Kantar

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According to the National programme of agriculture and rural areas (2003.) it is pointed out that the social-economic development of rural areas is remarkably interfered by their unsuitable educational structure and puts them behind with city inhabitants. It is also pointed out that the offer of programmes for professional development of education and improvement due to specific needs for education of adult rural population (especially farmers) is proportionately low. Therefore, general needs for improvement of educational structure of farmers and rural population are extended, especially through the system of permanent professional education and improvement for requirements of family farming and rural population as are specialist seminars at College of Agriculture in Križevci for farmers. Such training colleges have been conducting here since 2004. Until now, 298 trainees have finished such form of education. They were organised in collaboration with 9 agricultural associations. Sex, age and educational structure of trainees as well as average number of people engaged in farming for 213 trainees organized in collaboration with 6 agricultural associations were analysed by this study. They finished training colleges during 2004th and 2005th year. Analysed data was obtained from questionnaire that summaries the most frequent comments and suggestions as the most important guidance for further organisation of such form of education.

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educational structure of rural population, specialist seminars, lifelong learning, non-formal education for farmers

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