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Survey of the State and Future Trends of Intelligent Systems

Božidar Kliček ; Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Varaždin, Croatia

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This paper presents an attempt to formalize objective macro model of the field of artificial intelligence (AI). We show that creation of this model is justified, and with the aid of information from World Wide Web it is possible now. With this aim in view, we propose a research method. To obtain a macro model of the artificial intelligence field, we made a survey of research groups in the world, including companies, applications, organizations as well as a general assessment of the state of Al technology. The survey is intended to show some benefits. Intelligent systems are becoming very useful and are starting to achieve many of the projected past promises. Important documents on future trends and roles of intelligent systems have been recently published, as well as interesting surveys in the field. We have assessed several methodologies of research of the state of the art in this field and identified their promises and limitations. Considering the present state of Al technology, research projects, important documents and trends in traditional information technologies, we have made a preliminary model of intelligent systems and their future surveys. In the era of second generation knowledge-based systems and growing complexity of the Al field, we believe that it is necessary to include macro model of Al in all scientific researches and application projects.

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artificial intelligence, information technology, intelligent systems, strategic directions, forecasting, knowledge based systems, state of the art, macro model of AI

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