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District Information System

Jusuf Šehanović ; The Institute for Agriculture and Tourism, Poreč, Croatia
Miroslav Žugaj ; Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb, Varaždin, Croatia

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With the establishment of the sovereign and independent Republic of Croatia, its new territorial system, based on municipality, town, district and state, has also been built. In order to facilitate functioning of the territorial units, it is very important to establish an information system. On this plan, very good results have been achieved on the level of state, police, inland revenue office, various funds, holding associations, banks, etc. but on the levels of local government and self-government the activities are, in fact, at the very beginning. So, the primary aim of this work is to point out the importance of building the district information system and its possible conception.

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district information system, communal information system

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