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Brigandage and Contraband in Dalmatia, 1813-1850

Tado Oršolić

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str. 241-254

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The Austrian rule in Dalmatia, particularly the period 1813-1850, was marked by widespread brigandage, contraband and lawlessness which prevailed throughout the province and notably in its hinterland. The reasons for such conditions should be sought in the traditional behaviour patterns of the local population, police and military inefficiency, but also in the government’s reluctance to solve the current problems (customs policy, in particular). Determined to establish order, the authorities resorted to concrete measures, which proved most fruitful especially during the governance of Wenzel Vetter von Lilienberg (1831-1841). Although seriously challenged by the hostile and rough terrain, local customs and tradition, the authorities persisted in their attempt to bring order into the province. Effective measures such as reorganisation of the territorial police forces and the engagement of active military troops on land and at sea led to the restoration of order, if partial, in the 1830s.

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