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The First Covenant. Gen 9:8-17 in Theology of Covenant

Niko Bilić ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu
Tanja Lakić ; Filozofski fakultet Družbe Isusove u Zagrebu

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This article deals with the text-structure and message of the classical biblical text Gen 9:8–17 which reaches profoundly into the fundaments of religion and systematic theology. In simple exegetical steps in the first part of the article the boundaries and unity of this text are defined: (1.1). Its place (1.2), composition (1.4) and function as a conclusion for the entire cycle of Great Flood (1.3) are stated. This detailed literary analysis leads to some crucial reflections on biblical theology in the second part of the article. In the structure of the text itself the covenant is pointed out as a turning point and contrast to destruction (2.1). This covenant with Noah bears a perspective of eternal validity, here introduced into the biblical canon (2.2). It is an obligation which God takes on himself (2.3). In an attempt to emphasize contemporary ecological implications of the biblical text (2.4), the special human role and an optimistic and universal perspective are clarified. The discussion ends with a reflection on a well known figure of rainbow as a sign of the covenant (2.5) and on the key role of the verb “to remember/call to mind” (2.6). Particular achievements of the article could be the reconciliation of the elements from Yahwist and Priestly traditions, noticing the first scriptural mention of God’s heart in the context of the covenant, and the role of Noah’s liturgy. The question about the relation of first biblical covenant to the Christian theology of incarnation is also valuable.

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Noah, everlasting covenant, bow, living creature, all flesh, earth, berît-‘ôlam, qěšět, nĕfĕš hâjâh, kŏl-baśar, ’ĕrĕs

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