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Mine Contamination in the Context of Civil Safety and Development in Dalmatian Zagora

Josip ČERINA ; Hrvatski centar za razminiranje – Podružnica Zadar, Zadar

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The paper analyses the relation of mine suspected areas and agricultural activity in the Dalmatian Zagora region. Apart from mines, another problem is that numerous arable areas are covered with weed and macchia due to long-standing neglect. Therefore, future social and economic development is not possible without the help of the larger community. By analysing the mine issue, in relation to civil safety, an answer has been found on how to reduce the influence of mine suspected areas on the life and work of the local population. By classification and description methods, with the help of geo-information tools, categories and the size of the areas cleaned from the mine-explosive remnants of war were determined for each endangered community. That enabled further qualitative analyses of the influence of the mine problem on civil safety and economic development. For data processing, the MapInfo software was used. The belt along the road infrastructure has been cleaned and it enables safe traffic regulation, as opposed to mountain and field roads that are still mined.

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mine problem, traditional activities, civil safety

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