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A Feud Over the Legacy of Luka Zamagna and the Ensuing Conflict Between The Republic of Dubrovnik and the Franciscan Order

Relja Seferović

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str. 93-128

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By highlighting the feud over the legacy of the Ragusan nobleman Luka Zamagna, the author addresses more general issues underlying the state-church relations in late seventeenth-century Republic of Dubrovnik. The years following the disastrous earthquake of 1667 witnessed most determined government efforts to reconstruct the destroyed city fabric. These circumstances added to the mounting tensions over the disposition of real property. Thus Luka Zamagna’s decision to appoint Linja, his daughter-in-law, as universal successor to his property in 1675 became a matter of considerable contention, which was to escalate when Linja bequeathed the bulk of her property to the Franciscan Monastery in 1684. This gave rise to hot dispute among several patrician families who claimed their inheritance rights and who argued against the Franciscan Holy order as universal heir. Thanks to government intervention, the feuding patrician families signed an agreement in an attempt to reach a settlement with the priors of the Franciscan monastery. Finally, the Republic tried to force the Franciscans to hand over the bequeathed assets for the purpose of Cathedral reconstruction or the payment of high taxes, but the Curia intervened, the result being an official agreement between the Republic of Dubrovnik and the prior of the Franciscan Monastery.

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