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A Contribution to the HIstory of Salt Production in Ston

Šime Peričić

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str. 139-163

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The author highlights the history of salt production in Ston until World War II, a topic understudied in historiography to date. Apart from affording evidence on the outputs of salt and its sale, the author examines the organisation of salt manufacture, the number of workers employed and several attempts at improving the technological process. The volume of salt production tended to vary, successful harvests being rare. In the period shortly before World War II, the production reached 3,000 tons per annum. Irrespective of the output, the supply of salt was unable to meet the commercial demands. Salt was mainly sold in the hinterland, and to a lesser extent on the Adriatic markets. Being a state-run monopoly, the sale of salt brought considerable profits to the government budget. Over the centuries, the state as well as the local population benefited largely from the Ston salt pans.

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