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Hoard of coins from the 14th century on Bribirska glavica

Tomislav Šeparović ; Muzej hrvatskih arheoloških spomenika, Split

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This article deals with the examination and cataloguingof coins from the 14th century, which werediscovered as a hoard on Bribirska glavica next to St.Mary’s Church on Dol in 1961. The find consists of 68exemplars of silver coins. 63 exemplars are Venetiancoinages, one coin from the town of Ancona, whereasfour exemplars are Slavonian denars. Based on the youngestcoins, the find is dated to the time frame from1345 to 1347. During this period, it came to a strugglefor the supremacy over the town Zadar and its estatesin the hinterland between two major forces– Veniceand the Croatian–Hungarian Kingdom. Although the coins could have been hidden due to the population’s fear on Bribirska glavica of Venice’s reaction after the surrender of the strategically highly important fort Ostrovica to the Croatian Hungarian king, it is more likely that the coins were hidden in 1346. It was the year of a fierce conflict between Louis’s army and Venice in the surroundings of Zadar and the town itself, during which the population of Bribir –as citizens of Venice– openly supported the policy of the state of St. Mark. Louis however experienced an unexpected defeat in front of Zadar and tried to conquer Ostrovica during the retreat of his army, which at that time belonged to Bribir and its population, who were Venetian allies and hostile to the king. Although Louis’s attempt of taking the fort was unsuccessful, the invasion of his not so small army into the field of Ostrovica most likely caused a great fear on the estates of the Šubić dynasty. This fear presumably prompted some settler on Bribirska glavica to bury his coins and hide himself in a safer place. The owner of the coins never returned for his treasure for whatever reason, so that it remained as such a significant archaeological testimony of the history of these regions in the 14th century until today.

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Bribirska glavica, Ostrovica, Zadar, Venice, Louis the Great, the Šubić dynasty from Bribir, hoard, numismatic, Venetian coins, coins from Ancona, Slavonian denars

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