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Radovan and Homer – a Note on the epic Style in Medieval Art

Vladimir P. Goss ; Faculty of Arts and Sciences University of Rijeka

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The study is dedicated to one of the key monuments of Croatian art, the lunette of the portal of Trogir Cathedral made by Master Radovan and dated 1240. It contains an in-depth analysis of the subject-matter, form and content of the lunette, taking into consideration traditional iconography, and Radovan’s familiarity with the drama of the medieval church. In particular, attention has been accorded to Radovan’s use of formulaic materials in the light of the research conducted by Millman Parry and Albert Lord into the question of the oral tradition in epic poetry. It is concluded that such an approach may deepen our understanding of Radovan’s art within the epic style of the Middle Ages, and his position as a truly significant artist at the very end of the Romanesque period.

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Croatia; Master Radovan; Trogir; Romanesque sculpture; epic poetry; oral tradition; Millman Parry; Albert Lord; Homer

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