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Four Bosančica Inscription

Vice Kapitanović ; Katolički bogoslovni fakultet Sveučilišta u Splitu

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The author analyses Bosnian inscriptions from Krković, Morpolača, KJjaci and Drniški Gradac and on the basis of the shape of the letters attempts to determine the period in which they originated. One inscription is on the subject of organisation of sources of drinking water and the other three are grave monuments. They originated at different times and occasions and are a valuable contribution to our knowledge of the understanding of patriotism, relationships to the dead and care for the public good. Other than their importance to local history they are particularly interesting for the knowledge of Croatian literacy. By their ethnographic analysis they confirm what epigraphists and paleographists from Truhelka have noticed, that the forms of the letters 5 B A, of which the two last were directly taken from the Greek alphabet, were also used by Catholics in times gone by. Translation: Nicholas Philip Saywell

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Krković; Morpolača; Kljaci; Drniški Gradac; bosanica (bosančica; Croatian Cyrillic) inscriptions

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