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Frequency and Distribution of Cribra Orbita/ia in the Late Medieval Population of Dugopolje

Mario Novak ; Odsjek za arheologiju Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb
Mario Šlaus ; Odsjek za arheologiju Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb

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The intention of this work was to analyse the frequency and distribution of cribTa orbitalia. an indicator of iron deficiency anaemia, in late medieval skeletal samples from Dugopolje and continental Croatia. ln trus way, an attempt would be made to gain an insight as to whether differences existed in the living conditions and health status of the analysed populations. During the anthropological analysis special attention was paid to some other bone pathologies which indicate biological stress, such as linear enamei hypoplasia, non-specific periostitis and trauma. The frequency and distribution of cribra orbitalia is similar in both samples with a significantly higher frequency of cribra orbitalia among children as compared to adults. ln both samples, adults who were discovered to have cribra had significantly shorter average life spans than those who did not have this pathology. The frequency of active cribra orbitalia among children is identical in both samples (18.2%). A very strong correlation was noticed in Dugopolje between cribra orbitaJia and non-specific periostitis throughoU1 the whole sample, while such a correJation is nol present in the sample from continental Croatia. All the analysed osteological indicators showa very similar quality of life in the Dalmatian hinterland and continental Croatia during the late Middle Ages which somewhat conflict with results obtained from previous investigations which showed rather better living conditions in the Dalmatian hinterland. The data set out in this work confirms the importance of such investigations in the study of the ways of life and health conditions of populations who inhabited oUI area during the Middle Ages. Translation: Nicholas Philip Saywell

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cribra orbitalia; iron deficiency anaemia; Dugopolje; cOlltin.emal Croatia; late Middle Ages; linear eHamel hypoplasia; 11on.·specijic periostitis; rrauma

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