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Dragutin Lalović ; Fakultet političkih znanosti Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The problem matter of this paper is the theoretical dialogue between two republican
theories of democracy as a form of political subjectivisation of people
as citizens. The first part focuses on H. Arendt’s criticism of Rousseau’s
conception of general will in opposition to the will of all and the particular
will as such. In the second part, examples are provided of possible textual
support in the Social Contract to such an understanding of Rousseau’s general
will concept, not only as different in quality but also as truly antagonistic
towards the will of all as a sum of particular wills of members of the political
body of the republic. In the third part, the author shows that H. Arendt’s reading
is explained, on the one hand, by the equation of Rousseauian political
theory with its Jacobin ideological reception and political instrumentalisation
at the time of the French Revolution; in connection therewith, H. Arendt’s
interpretation of the logic of the French Revolution, with its reduction of the
Revolution’s goals to the social question, is elucidated by Habermas’s interpretation
of the French version of the natural-law construction of civil society
as an amalgamation of Rousseauian and physiocratic theories. On the other
hand, the criticism of Rousseau is conditioned by Arendt’s refusal to reflect on
political freedom within the logics of sovereignty. In the final part, the author
indicates how H. Arendt and her conceptual framework (distinction between
power and violence) may contribute to a better understanding of Rousseau
(the sovereign as a synthesis of general will and political power; the government
as a synthesis of particular will and violence).

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general will; will of all; particular will; citizen; man; Arendt; Rousseau

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