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Pavao Skalić. Theses on Worlds and Sciences

Mihaela Girardi-Karšulin ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 67-82

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The paper expounds Skalić's work Conclusiones mille quinquaginta tres in the context of his encyclopedic and syncretistic concept of science and in relation to the thought of Pico della Mirandala. Skalić's Conclusions were written with the intention of summarizing the totality of knowledge classified as theses on worlds or sets of beings on the one hand and as theses on sciences on the other, sciences being defined as the always present (though infinite) knowledge regulated by its usability in history. In view of the traditional concept of science, it seems that Ska1ić abandoned the idea of rendering of accounts or deducibility, exactness of knowledge. Science is historically variable in the sense that only the usable is realized from the totality of possibilities.

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