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The Slave Girl by Lucić in the Croatian Theatre: An Attempt at Reconstruction

Lucija Ljubić orcid id ; Zavod za povijest hrvatske književnosti, kazališta i glazbe HAZU, Odsjek za povijest hrvatske književnosti

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The paper analyses theatrical reception of several productions of The Slave Girl (Robinja) by Hanibal Lucić staged by the Croatian professional theatres and Hvar Public Theatre. First set on stage in 1935 in Osijek, The Slave Girl was continuously performed by the Croatian theatre companies until the beginning of the 21st century and the year 2003, when it returned to the domain of Hvar amateur surrounding. Due to limited availability of sources, the analysis is based on the research of direct and indirect sources enabling reconstruction of stage productions of the play. Starting with the script, dramaturgic and directorial interventions, via casting, set design, costume design and music, to the relationship towards the linguistic level of the text, the paper attempts to reconstruct stage productions to show their distinctive features and similarities. By placing individual stage productions of The Slave Girl in the historical context of Croatian theatre, it is finally argued that there is a strong awareness of the cultural heritage that lies in the subtext of the play, which has been influencing the reception of theatrical productions of the play.

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