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The Kingdom of Animalia in Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk by Hektorović

Zlata Šundalić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Osijeku

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str. 159-195

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This paper, which consists of three parts with bibliography (1. What has been said about Hektorović’s Fishing; 2. The Kingdom of Animalia in Fishing; 2.1. Regularity and literality, 2.2. Daily life; 2.3. Oral folk poetry; 2.4. Genre zoo-signs /doe, lion, greyhound, rabbit/; 2.5. What to do with the hound?; 3. Conclusion), focuses on the species and frequency of animal kingdom in Hektorović’s Fishing and Fishermen’s Talk (Ribanje i ribarsko prigovaranje). Scholarly research attests that Fishing belongs to the Renaissance (a specific regularity in the appearance of the zoo-lexemes within individual cantos, as well as the regularity regarding aquatic and terrestrial animals, i.e. literality and absence of epithets regarding animals from Hektorović’s Mediterranean daily life, and vice versa when it comes to fauna in folk poetry). Proposed analysis of Kingdom of Animalia in Fishing affirms that that the atmosphere of the everyday life is mostly created by maritime animals, towards which the narrator appropriates a distinctly positive attitude as is the case with animals from folk poetry. At the same time, the narrator’s attitude towards pastoral and its animal kingdom (greyhound, rabbit, doe, lion), an otherwise very popular genre in the Renaissance literature, is quite the opposite.

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