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An overview of Croatian literary history

Katarina Ivon ; Sveučilište u Zadru, Hrvatska

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This paper provides an overview of Croatian literary history from its beginnings. The emphasis is laid upon the most important authors who have marked the
Croatian literary science and their relations to the two key patterns applied in modeling literary history. The fi rst is the so-called positivism which was dominant until the end of the 19th century, while the second, the so-called immanentist paradigm of literary history, appeared as an anti-positivistic tendency in the early 20th century. It should be emphasized that throughout the history of Croatian literature, these two models have not excluded one another completely; their interference and domination of one over the other have been constantly present. Literary periodization, which has been studied by distinguished theoreticians of Croatian literature for the last fi fty years, is pointed out as the key problem of Croatian literary history.

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literary history, literary periodization, literary-theoretical movements, positivism, immanentist paradigm of literary history

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