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Implementation possibilities of some alternative school ideas

Branka Gotovac orcid id ; Kemijsko-tehnološki fakultet u Splitu, Hrvatska

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Actual situation in primary and secondary schools in Croatia could be improved by implementation and enhancement of certain alternative schools’ concepts, for instance, foreign language introduction in the fi rst grade of elementary school, according to Waldorf school model. Taking into account diffi culties with pupils’ transition from forth to fi fth grade, some suggestions have been made regarding gradual introduction of pupils
in the fi fth grade. They are instantly applicable and primarily based on collaboration (particularly emphasized in Freinet´s pedagogy) particularly between pupils and former teacher.
The forgotten aims of physical education, music and visual arts education (in elementary and high schools) are promotion and development of focus on upbringing, not on fi ghting for better marks. Of generally great importance is the cultivation of communication skills and with their constructive application in class, including the simulation of problem situation for pupils, teaching can be signifi cantly improved in its
quality, as well as the role of teachers and pupils. A teacher becomes an initiator and a router, like the Montessori teacher, and teaching process becomes pupil oriented, which is the basis of Peterson’s educational theory.
Some personal working experiences with pupils from female student dormitory in Split have been used and can serve as examples of accomplishment for similar projects in schools. Some of the ideas that have been presented promote artistic education and
teamwork and make possible the expression of individual talents.

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alternative schools’ concepts, beginnings of foreign language learning in the fi rst grade of elementary school, collaborative relationships, aims of physical education, music and visual arts education, communication skills and their constructive application

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