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Teachers estimation about frequency of domestic violence and neglecting of children in elementary school’s junior grades

Esmeralda Sunko ; Filozofski fakultet – Split
Lidija Židić ; Filozofski fakultet – Split

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By means of examination discussed in this paper, we wanted to determine teachers’ estimation in recognizing the victims of domestic violence and neglected students. The examination was conducted at the end of the 2005, in the area of Split and some smaller towns from Split hinterland. The questionnaire was composed of fi ve questions. The gathered data, on teacher’s estimation about frequency of child abuse among their students, are compared with the results of international and national researches about frequency of domestic violence. The results of this research showed teacher’s estimation about frequency of child abuse among their students (n = 1298). 7% of students were exposed to the domestic violence (0.54% physically, 3.57% emotionally, 0.23% sexually abused and 2.69% neglected children). In comparison to the world researches and those conducted in Croatia, the teachers’ estimation is weaker about cases of child abuse as opposed to the earlier researches. The results of this examination showed that teachers were not recognizing abused and/or neglected children. Most of the teachers interviewed in this research believed that they were qualified enough to cope with the issue of domestic violence prevention.

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child abuse; neglecting; teachers; recognizing; qualifi cations

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