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Needs for daily break – organization of activities and spatial disposition

Žaljana Vivodinac ; Dječji vrtić "Smokvica", Split

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str. 113-121

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The author of this text deals with the issue of recognizing the needs of the kindergarten children. The emphasis is laid on the organization of activities and spatial disposition, regarding the daily break routine within a mixed-type group. The author particularly emphasizes the necessity of systematic planning, discusses the problems encountered by teachers in introducing the flexible organization of children’s daily break activities; parent’s needs related to the needs of their children; the issue of adaptation and socialization of children; the acceptance of diversity and children’s desire for cooperation. The author stresses the longevity of the process implementation, which is possible only if teachers are open to new challenges, and considers teachers’ competence as the key factor in that process. The children’s activities within the group (and during the daily break) show that all children have the possibility to satisfy their needs without endangering the needs of others.

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children; teacher; organization; needs; cooperation

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