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Pula as an austro-hungarian war port

Marko Trogrlić ; Filozofski fakultet Split, Odsjek za povijest
Željko Stepanić

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str. 17-23

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The work illustrates the place, the role and the significance of Pula as a main Austro-Hungarian war port. Starting from the mere selection of this town for the main war port of the Hapsburg Monarchy, it elaborates on its construction, arsenal, the supporting naval services, the demographical and urban image of Pula, and its defense system. Finally, the work deals with the shipping of Austro-Hungarian navy and with the naval air force in Pula. Pula enjoyed the status of The Pearl of the Empire, and what proves its importance is the fact that it was visited several times by the members of the ruling Hapsburg Dynasty, starting from Francis Joseph the 1st, archduke Rudolph and Francis Ferdinand, to the last ruling Hapsburg, Karl the 1st

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Pula; war port; Austro-Hungarian navy; hydrographical institute; naval library; Austro-Hungarian war shipping

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