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Olive growig in Slovenian Istria and climatic limitations to its development

Darko Ogrin
Gregor Lubi

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In Slovenian Istria, olive trees grow at the nothern climatic limit to this culture, so they are periodically endagered by severe forsts. In the 20th century, the average recurrent period of olive frosts was 20 years, and in the 18th century, which is considered to have been colder, it was 10-15 years. In spite of the risk of perodic frosts, olive growing in Slovenian Istria is an important and profitable economic activity, wihich is in steady progress, thanks to an ever greater demand for olive oil in the last few decades. An analysis of topoclimatic conditions for olive tree has shown that, within the existing area of olive tree growing, the capacities are sufficient the area beyond the borders of the traditional one could be questionable despite the forecasted warming of climate, since the same prognoses also forecast a greater possibilty of weather disaters, including frosts.

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olive growing, topoclimate, frost, Slovenian Istria, Slovenia

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