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International Cataloguing Principles : review and critical analysis

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This article presents the review and critical analysis of the Statement of International Cataloguing Principles – ICP. The original, English version of IFLA document was published in February 2009, and it replaced the statement of principles known as the Paris Principles. The ICP are not a revision of the Paris Principles, but a completely new set of principles, which are intended to be applicable to contemporary libraries OPACs and WebPACs, as well as to files created by archives, museums and other institutions. The basic purpose of the ICP is to help its users in the formation of cataloguing rules. Due to the fact that the ICP is based on the FRBR and FRAD conceptual models (with the intention to include FRSAD in future), these models are described and refered to in the article only for better understanding and easier analysis of the principles.

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Statement of International Cataloguing Principles; ICP; cataloguing rules; FRBR; FRAD

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