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Contributions an serials in Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske 1(1950)-49(2006)

Tatijana Petrić

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This paper deals with the quantitative and qualitive analysis of the contributions on serials published in the librarian journal Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske volume 1(1950) until 49(2006).
The aim of the research was to show how much was written about the problems regarding serials, what topics were analyzed, and what was the role of Vjesnik as a medium in solving problems related to serials.
Considering the great range of volumes of Vjesnik, and with the aim to simplify the analysis and the presentation of the results, the journal is divided into three periods. By analysing the subject matter of the contributions, which were divided in articles and reviews, the basic topics of the contributions were determined. For the classification of the subject matter of articles, a certain type of classification was used in which the chosen topics from the K. Järvelina and P. Vakkarija classification scheme (published in 1993) were supplemented with the topics listed in the works of J. Szilvassyja and Thomas E. Nisongera. The subject matter of reviews is formed according to the type of material about which it informs.
Numeric data of researched contributions about serials, lead to the conclusion that not much has been written about the problems regarding serials. The analysis of the contents of contributions gives an insight into topics covered, and into those which were left untouched.

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periodical publication; serials; continuing resources; Vjesnik bibliotekara Hrvatske

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