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Older Dubrovnik periodicals as a source of information about reading rooms and library activities in Dubrovnik from 1848 to 1918

Marica Šapro-Ficović orcid id

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Journalism started blossoming in Dubrovnik in the 1880’s with the establishment of a larger number of periodicals and newspapers. The primary purpose of newspapers was to serve in the battle for promotion and affirmation of political standpoints of their founders and editorial offices. However, together with political news and commentary, the newspapers carried information and news about social and cultural life of the community. Part of the news dealt with reading rooms (the first one was established in 1863) since they were the focal point of social life of the time. The purpose of this work is to investigate articles and news from older periodicals published in Dubrovnik, from the establishment of the first newspaper in 1848 until the end of the First World War in 1918, which deal with reading rooms and libraries in Dubrovnik. The objective is to demonstrate that the newspapers of the time provide valuable historical documentation and can serve as an important resource in the study of everyday life, customs, and happenings in the local community, as well as for the investigation of development of library activities in that period.

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historical periodicals; library history; history of journalism; reading rooms; Dubrovnik; Crvena Hrvatska

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