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Analysis of the users’/students’ satisfaction with the Libraries at the of Faculty of Food Technology, Faculty of Law in Osijek and with the Univeristy Library in Osijek

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Svjetlana Mokriš Marendić

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The results presented in this work are part of a more complex research project carried out on students who have used the Faculty of Food Technology library, Faculty of Law library and City and the University Library of Osijek study reading room. The aim of the research was to determine how much student population is acquainted and satisfied with the library, its holdings and services, and whether and how much they are satisfied with the holdings, services and the assistance they receive from the library staff.
The survey was conducted through a questionnaire in the March 1st-20th 2007 period. Participants were chosen by random sampling. The research included students of all years of the study that have visited the libraries in the research period.
The results of the research have shown that the students’ interest for the library, its holdings and services, as well as their knowledge about the library, rise during their study. As they get further in their studies, their demands towards the library become more complex. Continuous and systematic training is necessary during the whole period of the study.
The established differences in the evaluation of the examined problems, but also the average grade students have given for the research variables, lead to the conclusion that it is necessary to put in additional effort to improve the overall quality of library holdings and services. This is especially relevant in terms of the acquisition, both of textbooks and additional literature necessary for the teaching process, and in terms of the training of students and library staff through workshops, courses, seminars, and the publishing of educational materials.
Cooperation and partnership between libraries in the university system represent the basis for the improvement of library organization and management, and a ground for more effective work with student users.

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library organization and management; user/student evaluation; analysis of differences; descriptive and inferential statistics methods

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