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A contribution to the vascular flora of the Slatina region

Dragan Prlić ; University of Osijek, Department of Biology, Osijek, Croatia

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Floristic research in the area of Slatina and its surroundings was conducted during the period March-October, 2009-2010. The last complete species list dates back to 1957 and refers specifically to the town of Slatina. It provides 398 taxa of which 5 have been given a particular Red List category, but only 1 has been confirmed with the latest research.
The new research has revised the old data and expanded the area of investigation to surrounding villages, approximately 60 km2 in total. Many of the previously recorded taxa have not been found, but with the new ones added to the list, the final number was 550 taxa: 524 species and 26 subspecies classified into 334 genera and 94 families. Of the total number of taxa, 12 belong to Pteridophyta and 538 to the Spermatophyta division, with the Asteraceae family the largest.
According to the Red Book of Vascular Flora of Croatia and Flora Croatica Database, 25 species have been given a certain IUCN Red List status and numerous taxa are protected by the law (105 protected, 29 strictly protected). Taxa with an IUCN status have been analyzed in detail regarding their sites of occurrence, causes of threat and population density. Some of the notable findings include: Carex riparia Curtis, Cyperus glomeratus L., Hibiscus trionum L., Hottonia palustris L., Pseudolysimachion longifolium (L.) Opiz and several species within the Orchidaceae family.

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flora mapping, Slatina and surroundings, threatened taxa, Red List

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