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Dragišić's Treatise for Savonarola (»Propheaticae solutiones«)

Erna Banić-Pajnić ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 5-16

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With his prophetically oriented sermons, Girolamo Savonarola stimulated lively debates among theologists and philosophers in the early sixteenth century, particularly in Italy and in the city of Florence, where he won many supporters but also made many enemies. One of those who stood up in defence of the »new prophet« and his prophecies was the Croatian philosopher Juraj Dragišić (Georgius Benignus de Salviatis), who wrote a treatise entitled »Propheticae solutions«. Dragišić was a philosopher and theologist whose life history is a testimony to a turning point in the cultural history of Europe: he was a direct participant in many historic events of that time and a protege of a number of distinguished people, protagonists of cultural life in Italy in the late Quattrocento and early Cinquecento (Bessarion, Lorenzo da Medici, etc.). Dragišić wrote his treatise to prove the authenticity and truth of Savonarola's prophecies and Savonarola's authenticity as God's prophet. The first part of the treatise elaborates some of Dragišić’s favourite themes, found also in all his other works: the topics include the possibility of prescience, the source of prophetic gifts, the problem of the definite and necessary knowledge of future events, the issue of human freedom, etc. The second part draws conclusions from this discussion and on this basis offers a defence of Savonarola's person and his prophecies.
Both Dragišić’s approach to the problems discussed and his solutions can be said to remain within the scholastic confines, even though faint early signs of a new approach are occasionally felt, reflecting the influence of his contacts with the celebrated members of the Platonic Academy in Florence.

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