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Albert Bazala's Philosophical Work

Ljerka Schiffler ; Institut za filozofiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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str. 101-108

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Bazala's entire work and activity in the fields of philosophy, literature and education can be viewed, from the historico-philosophical perspective, as a reflection of his philosophical effort. This is the central category in our opinion, containing as it does all of Bazala's cognitive-theoretical, axiological and cultural-philosophical speculations, as well as his views on art, science, literature, cultural policy, and religion.
Philosophical effort as understood by Bazala differs from philosophy in that it is the source of philosophizing and a primordial tendency of the human mind. Philosophizing is in the function of life' and an expression of overall experience. Indeed,it is identical with the feeling of life. Preoccupied with the question of the possibility of the realization of the tasks of philosophy in the history of the human thought, Bazala regarded philosophical effort as an expression of Man's spirituality and, as such, a factor of integration and humanization, reaching to the very core of the idea of true philosophy and of Man as a cultural and historical being. Finally, this central idea inspiring Bazala's work reconciles in itself the eros and the logos, the Apollonian and the Dionysian element, experience and thought; it applies equally to art and law, or religion, becoming their concept, a universal intellectual force, and the form and content of life.

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