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Albert Bazala and Educational Philosophy

Josip Marinković

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str. 175-180

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Albert Bazala was both a philosopher and an active educator. He taught philosophy, wrote a university textbook (Povijest filozofije /A History of Philosophy/), and studied the philosophy of education. Education was for him 'the practice of-a »revolutionary act«, the highest form of human involvement.
Any system of eductional work is based on a philosophical concept, which it materializes in the educational practice. Pedagogy is therefore very closely linked with philosophy, and it is this link which enables it to be what it needs to be. Philosophy is involved in education not only as a discipline that explore s the essence of education but also as one that formulates the conscious rationale of the educational practice. The practice of education itself, however, does not consist in a mere implementation of the principles developed by philosophy: rather, it involves a co-creation of such principles. For this reason, teachers are not just executors of other people's plans - if they are true teachers, they are »creators of life, protagonists of the spirit of progress, and preparers of the future«. In view of all this, pedagogy can be said to be in fact »phi1osophy that has become living man«.

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