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The Influence of Clinical and Anthropometric Parameters on the Serum Levels of the Endothelin-1 in Pregnant Women and their Newborns

Alenka Vukelić Šarunić
Olga Cvijanović
Luka Đudarić
Branko Denona
Lucian Vukelić
Dragica Bobinac
Aleks Finderle

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str. 395-400

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Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) is major contributor to maternal death in developing countries. Endothelin-1
(ET-1) is the most potent vasoconstriction agent known and its serum levels are increased in PIH. Therefore it is important
to elucidate maternal and neonatal factors which influence endothelin-1 serum levels. 100 pathological pregnancies
and 88 controls were analyzed for blood endothelin-1 and their anthropometric and clinical data were collected. In maternal
blood ET-1 levels were strongly predicted by diagnosis, therapy and BMI, while umbilical cord ET-1 levels were
strongly predicted by gestational age, therapy and delivery termination. Positive correlation between BMI and ET-1 levels
suggest that obese pregnant women have increased risk for cardiovascular diseases. Inverse relationship between
Apgar and umbilical ET-1 indicates that ET-1 could be considered as a prognostic marker in cases of neonatal asphyxia.

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endothelin-1, pregnancy induced hypertension, anthropometry, apgar

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