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Đuro Sudeta 's birth centenary : from the reprint to the e-book: digitisation of the heritage

Ilija Pejić

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This work presents a four year project Đuro Sudeta´s birth centenary: from the reprint to the e-book: digitisation of heritage (2003-2007), which was initiated in order to celebrate the centenary of birth of Đuro Sudeta, and was realized through the mutual collaboration between Bjelovar-Bilogora County and the Literature Department of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The project was carried out through the following activities: Professional Conference about Đuro Sudeta, the presentation of the reprint of “Mor’’ to celebrate Đuro Sudeta’s birth centenary; organizing the Scientific Conference about Đuro Sudeta; publishing and presenting the collection of essays Đuro Sudeta – a poet and a storyteller ; creating the web page Đuro Sudeta on the Internet; creating a CD-ROM: Đuro Sudeta – a poet and a storyteller: on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of his death. By presenting the regional heritage, this project points out the cultural particularities of the Bilogora-Podravina region, thus making the works of Đuro Sudeta more accessible.

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Đuro Sudeta; heritage; digitisation

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