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Collection of old books and manuscripts at Split University Library: composing a mosaic of homeland thematic materials

Mihaela Kovačić
Petar Krolo

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Split University Library (Croatian Sveučilišna Knjižnica Split, abbr. SKS), is the successor to the former Town Library, which was founded in 1903 by the Croatian Reading Room in Split and the High Vice-Regency in Zadar. The aim of this paper is to describe how the Library, during one century of its existence and work, collected, kept, and catalogued the Regional collection - Dalmatica - the collection of old books and manuscripts with the homeland themes, and despite the difficulties with space and human resources, has continuously introduced the Library treasures to the wide public. Since 1904, when the first publication was published, many critical editions of the manuscripts and catalogues have been published. Also, many exhibitions of the Old Books and Manuscripts Collection have been organized in the Library. The paper contains a list of institutions which collaborated with the Library as initiators or/and as invited collaborators in the process of publication of the Old Books and Manuscripts Collection. Because of the analysis of the materials from the Old Books and Manuscripts Collection, the Split University Library (SKS) was chosen as the place for keeping its own, as well as other regions’ tradition. In order to introduce the rich homeland materials to the public we should find a good model that would assure bigger funds for protection and publication of the Collection materials.

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Split University Library; SKS – Collection of Old Books and Manuscripts; Collection of Old Books and Manuscripts – homeland themes; Collection of Old Books and Manuscripts – publication of the materials

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