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The importance of Padua University for the education of Croatian humanists

Damir Barbarić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Centar za povijesne znanosi, Odjel za povijest filozofije, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Padua University, established in 1222, is along with Bologna, Paris, and Oxford one of the oldest and, without doubt one of the most important in the history of European universities. It reached the climax of its importance and influence in 15th and 16th centuries. At that time it was the centre of Averroistic interpretation of Aristotelean philosophy. On the one hand, it became a focus for humanistic movements in many European countries, and on the other, it played a great role - especially owing to Galileo who lectured there from 1592 to 1610 - in the foundation and spreading of the modern revolution in the natural sciences.
Along with many important figures from Germany, England, Poland, France, Hungary, Bohemia, Greece and other countries, many famous Croatian humanists were educated at the University of Padua and lectured there. This fact raises several questions for the further research in the field of the Croatian philosophical heritage: too establish the precise number of Croatian students and lecturers, and their roles in the University's history, and, vice versa, the influence of the University's intellectual atmosphere upon their essential philosophical and scientific concepts.
The aim of this article is to present the main sources for a planned research programme. The most important among them are the documents from the Historical Archive of Padua University, and two recent editions: »Quaderni per la storia dell’ Universita di Padua« and »Acta graduum academicorum Gymnasii Patavini (1406-1806)«.
The planned research would certainly provide a new and deeper understanding of one of the main formative centers of the Croatian philosophical contribution to a more precise view of the history of the University itself, and its importance in the European context.

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