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Tatjana Šarić ; Hrvatski državni arhiv

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This paper explores the status and activities of the Matrix Croatica (MC) as the oldest and one of the most significant Croatian cultural institutions, in terms of newly created Yugoslavia and the ideological direction of the governing structures in the early post war years (1945-1948). Formal federalism, but an actual centralism of the state, transferred also to the area of culture. Agitprop – Department for agitation and propaganda, as the component of the Central committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CC CPY), assumed control and directed the entire intellectual creation, according to the prescribed political postulates. The only allowed course in culture and literature became socialist realism. The paper points to an attempt of the leadership of the Matrix Croatica to move away from the socialist realism default orientation in literary publishing and to achieve literary freedom by publishing a wide range of domestic and foreign authors. However, writers who would not accept these restraints in creative processes were subjected to criticism of Agitprop. Since most of them also actively participated in the MC activities, the institution and its publishing and editorial staff were also subjected to criticism. Under the impact of Agitprop the MC's literary magazine Hrvatsko kolo which ideologically did not correspond to the given guidelines was also criticised. The paper also deals with current issues in MC activities, structural and personnel changes, and points to the persistent insistence of MC leadership on excellence and high quality of its publications. The author concludes her study with the year 1948, which was crucial for the Yugoslav foreign and domestic policy, and explores the reflections of these events on the MC.

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Matrix Croatica, People’s Republic of Croatia, CPY/CPC, cultural policy, socialism, Agitprop, literature, publishing, socialist realism

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